miércoles, 28 de noviembre de 2012


"Siempre hay que recordar que somos unicos e insustituibles, asi como todos los seres humanos lo son"
Las cosas diferentes atraen. Todos tenemos particularidades que son como sellos que nos distinguen, y entre otras cosas, estan nuestros nombres y apellidos que son la primera forma de presentarnos al mundo. Podemos amarlos u odiarlos pero nunca nos son indiferentes. A mi me gusta estampar mis iniciales de una manera tradicional o en forma de monograma en muchas de las cosas que uso a diario, y asi hacer de ellas, algo que se identifica aun mas conmigo!
"Always remember that you are unique and irreplaceable, just as everyone else is" Things that are different attract us. We all have things that make us one of a kind. One of those things among others, are our surnames and last names. The first thing people know about us! Even if you don't like them, they are like a stamp in your life. I love to put my initials in a traditional way or as a monogram in so many things that I use every day. I like it because I feel a special identification with them.

Neiman Marcus personalized gifts
Bracelet with the name of my first daughter and beloved dog (bought in Loehmann's)

A present from Bibi bought in Puerto Rico

Ralph Lauren tote with embroidered monogram

Laptop case with initial sticker bought in Aruba
Cases for my Samsung Galaxy bought from left to right in Amazon and In this Very Room

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